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Morganite gemstone carving 28.6 carat

Morganite gemstone carving 28.6 carat

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Abstract Morganite gemstone  carving of madonna and child

Our exquisite 28.6 ct abstract morganite gemstone, is carved into a stunning depiction of the Madonna and Child. This unique gemstone carving is a true masterpiece that will leave you speechless with its intricacy and beauty.

Our abstract morganite gemstone is a soft, delicate pink color that exudes gentle, soothing energy. It has been carefully selected for its clarity and unique features, making it the perfect canvas for our skilled carvers to work their magic.

The carving of the Madonna and Child is breathtaking, with intricate details and fine lines that bring the piece to life. The abstract style of the carving gives it a modern and contemporary feel, while the subject matter evokes a sense of timeless beauty and spirituality.

The 28.6 ct abstract morganite gemstone carving of the Madonna and Child is a true collector's item. It is a unique and rare piece of art that will make a stunning centerpiece in any collection.

Weight: 28.6ct
28mmx 17mx 11mm
Shape: carving 
Treatment: Untreated
Origin: Brazil



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