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1.0ct Orthoclase Custom-cut(Heart Shape)

1.0ct Orthoclase Custom-cut(Heart Shape)

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 Orthoclase, known for its unique beauty and enchanting charm, possesses a distinct allure that sets it apart. The exquisite custom-cut of this gemstone showcases its remarkable transparency, allowing light to interact with its internal structure and reveal its hidden depths. The play of colors, ranging from subtle blushes to warm earthy tones, creates an enchanting visual display that captures attention.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Orthoclase holds significant value in the world of gemstones. Its relative rarity and growing popularity make it highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. The gem's versatility allows for endless design possibilities, enabling you to create a personalized jewelry piece that reflects your individual style and story.

With its modest carat weight of 1.0, this Orthoclase gemstone exudes an understated elegance that transcends time. Its inherent clarity and brilliance ensure a gemstone of remarkable quality, destined to bring joy and admiration for years to come.

Type: Orthoclase 
Weight: 1.0 ct 
Size: 7x6.6 mm
Shape: Custom-Cut (Heart)
Colour: Yellow
Clarity: VVS
Treatment: Untreated



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