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A pair of Tanzanite 1.78ct and 1.64ct / Oval cut

A pair of Tanzanite 1.78ct and 1.64ct / Oval cut

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Tanzanite, renowned for its captivating blue-violet hues, is a gemstone of exceptional allure and rarity. The carefully selected pair of Tanzanite gemstones showcases a harmonious blend of intense color saturation and remarkable clarity, resulting in gemstones of exceptional quality that exude elegance from every angle.

The oval cut, with its graceful curves and symmetrical proportions, accentuates the inherent beauty of the Tanzanite gemstones. Designed to maximize brilliance and optimize light reflection, this classic cut lends a timeless appeal to the gems, making them perfect for those who appreciate a blend of sophistication and versatility.

Tanzanite gemstones hold immense value within the realm of precious gems. The rarity of Tanzanite, found only in a single location in Tanzania, adds to its desirability among collectors and connoisseurs. The gemstone's captivating blue-violet color, which ranges from deep sapphire-like shades to delicate violet hues, evokes a sense of luxury and refinement.

Type: Tanzanite 
Weight: 1.78ct and 1.64ct
8.6 x 6.4x4.4 mm  8.5 x 6.4x4.2 mm 
Shape: oval cut 
Colour: blue
Clarity: VVS
Treatment: Heated
Origin: Tanzania 



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