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Certified 1.17ct Yellowish Green Sapphire

Certified 1.17ct Yellowish Green Sapphire

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The vibrant yellowish-green color of this Sapphire makes it a standout choice for those who appreciate unique and eye-catching gemstones. Its charming hue brings a sense of energy and joy, perfect for those who want to add a touch of happiness to their jewelry collection.

With a carat weight of 1.17ct, this Yellowish Green Sapphire strikes a perfect balance between size and sparkle. Its brilliant shine and exceptional clarity will catch the light in the most mesmerizing way, creating a stunning display of radiance.

Rest assured, as a professional gemologist, I guarantee the authenticity and quality of this Certified Yellowish Green Sapphire. It has been carefully tested and certified by a trusted gemological laboratory.

Species: Natural Corundum
Yellowish Green Sapphire
Weight: 1.17ct
6.23x 6.30x 3.47mm
Shape: Round, Mixed cut
Colour: Intense Yellowish Green


Treatment: Heated



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