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3.5ct Blue Zircon / Key stone shape

3.5ct Blue Zircon / Key stone shape

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Blue Zircon is renowned for its stunning brilliance and vibrant blue color, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication. Its radiant blue hue captures the essence of clear skies and tranquil waters, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquility. The Key Stone shape adds a touch of individuality and uniqueness, making this gemstone truly exceptional.

Imagine the possibilities of owning this remarkable 3.5-carat Blue Zircon gemstone. Adorn yourself with a magnificent ring that will become a conversation starter and a true reflection of your refined taste. Or create a striking pendant that showcases the captivating beauty of this gem, drawing attention wherever you go.

With its substantial carat weight of 3.5, this Blue Zircon gemstone commands attention and makes a bold statement. Its exceptional brilliance and fire will enchant all who lay eyes upon it, elevating your jewelry collection to new levels of glamour and sophistication.

Type: Blue Zircon
Weight: 3.5 ct
9 x 8.3  x 5.3 mm     
Shape: Custom cut (key Stone Shape) 
Colour: Blue
Clarity: VVS
Treatment: Heat
Origin: Cambodia




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