Custom Cut Gemstone: Gemstone Cutting Service (Repair and Recutting)

Gemstone Repair

Is your precious gemstone not what it used to be??

Is it well loved and used and now looking tired or damaged?

We repair and re-polish gemstones for you.

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sapphire repairrepaired sapphire


Many gemstones have been cut to maximise their weight with little attention paid to how it will look or fit into a setting.

This is because gems are sold by weight, we can take your lifeless gem and turn it into a stunner like this sapphire.

I recently recut for a client with just a tiny 14% weight loss.

As you can see for yourself, Sometimes Less Really is More.

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sapphire re-cutting

Gem cutting 

Do you have a favourite rough crystal you would like to have turned 

into a gemstone?

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rough garnetcustom cut garnet gemstone